Podcast Episode 21: Sfogliatella

In this episode I talk about Sfogliatella, the Neapolitan pastry, which is really two pastries, you have to try before you die.

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Show notes

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The episode includes:

  • Naples has it all!
  • What ‘see Naples and die’ used to mean to me
  • Sfogliatella
  • Sfogliatella riccia and where the name comes from
  • Sfogliatelle frolla and where the name comes from
  • A brief history of the pastry
  • Monastero Santa Rosa
  • Pasquale Pintauro
  • Sfogliatella v Lobster Tail and Coda di Aragosta
  • Where to eat sfogliatella today


The photo I talked about in the podcast

Attanasio Naples

The original Santa Rosa pastry at Scaturchio

Sfogliatella Mary


Cuori di Sfogliatella

Via Toledo

What to eat in Naples

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