Podcast Episode 20: Italian food ‘rules’

In this episode I talk about the so-called Italian food ‘rules’, my experiences and where they come from.

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Show notes

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The episode includes:

  • Italian food ‘rules’
  • The Italians Mad at Food brigade
  • Are the Italian food ‘rules’ myth or reality?
  • My experience of 5 Italian food ‘rules’
  • 1. No cappuccino after 11am
  • 2. No cheese with fish
  • 3. No chicken with pasta
  • 4. No salty food for breakfast
  • 5. No wine with pizza
  • Conclusion


My search for a salty croissant in Italy.

More details about chicken and pasta.

Coffee and coffee rules.

2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 20: Italian food ‘rules’”

  1. Episode 20…..well done Luca!!!! Great going…..interesting as always!!!!! I completely ‘get’ the cappucino rule, as if one has had some alcohol then milky coffee sloshing on top is never a good combination!!!! The ‘sweet stuff at breakfast’ is also another ‘rule’ which I find interesting……it’s definitely too sweet for me. Thanks and have a good week!!!

  2. Another entertaining trip down the road of Italian food culture. An interesting and good humoured explanation of the rules that have grown up around eating like an Italian with a look at the reasons for them. I came across the Italian lack of interest in a British style breakfast when I was last in Venice a couple of years ago. I was looking for somewhere to take the family for breakfast one morning and it was quite a struggle. I did find somewhere that did a fair bacon and eggs breakfast, but there weren’t any Venetians indulging, they were all coming in for a quick espresso and a pastry before heading out to get on with their day! Keep these blogs coming, they are very good 👍🇮🇹👏

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