December 2

The Supper at the House of Levi by Paolo Veronese is one of the largest paintings made in Renaissance Italy. Painted in 1573, it’s a whopping 555cm x 1,288cm (18.21 ft × 41.99 ft) and is now in Venice’s Gallerie dell’Accademia.

We know from inquisition records that Veronese was once accused of heresy for a painting he made of the Last Supper. From descriptions in the records we can assume that it was this painting. At the end of the trial he was found guilty and given 30 days to fix the painting. He seems to have merely painted ‘Supper at the House of Levi, Luke 5: 27–32’ prominently on a balustrade in the painting, changing it to a different bible story and satisfying his accusers.

This painting has recently gone back on show after years of restoration. As soon as the museums re-open, it will be worth a visit. In the mean time, enjoy this reproduction. 

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