Episode 16: Cannoli

This episode is everything cannoli: the history and my experiences of Sicily’s most famous pastry which has become a film and TV star.

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Show notes

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The episode includes:

  • My first cannoli
  • Regionalism in Italian food
  • A brief Italian geography lesson
  • How cannoli have followed me
  • The supposed Roman origins of cannoli
  • The supposed Arabic origins of cannoli
  • The pastry as a carnival joke
  • How to make cannoli
  • Why they are so delicious
  • The pastry on in film and TV


My recipe for savoury cannoli.

A good modern recipe.

The scene from the Godfather.

Top 10 Italian pastries

3 thoughts on “Episode 16: Cannoli”

  1. As always, a really enjoyable podcast Luca!!!! Fascinating back-story on this……..I adore cannoli……still don’t see them very often around Le Marche….I need to make some!!!!

  2. Robertino Spaghetteria

    Bravo Luca! As a vegetarian, I am sad to hear that the cannoli I have enjoyed my whole life have lard :(, nevertheless I will pretend that I don’t know this and continue eating them as often as possible…mille grazie!

  3. Another interesting and particularly entertaining trip in this case, through your extensive knowledge of Italian cuisine. I can thoroughly recommend you watch ‘the.Godfather parts 1 and 2, they are masterpieces of cinematic storytelling. Part 2 is especially interesting for its depiction of the lives of Italians immigrants in early 20th century New York. Looking forward to your next instalment !

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