Podcast Episode 15: Easter in Italy

In this episode I talk about the food and traditions associated with Pasqua, or Easter, one of the most important festivals in the Italian calendar from a cultural and culinary point of view.

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Show notes

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The episode includes:

  • The importance of Easter in Italy.
  • The two pan-Italian Easter foods: lamb and the colomba
  • Why Italians eat lamb at Easter
  • The history of the colomba
  • A whistle stop tour of Italian Easter food
  • • fugassa veneta (Veneto)
  • • zambela (Emilia Romagna)
  • • pizza di formaggio and frittata alla menta (Le Marche)
  • • torta pasqualina (Liguria)
  • • quaresimali (Toscana)
  • • abbacchio e carciofi fritti (Lazio)
  • • pastiera napoletana and casatiello (Campania)
  • • cuculi / cuzzupe / sguta / cudduraci (Calabria)
  • • agnello di marzapane (Sicily)
  • • panades (Sardinia)


Pastiera napoletana



Torta pasqualina

Lo scoppio del carro in Florence

2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 15: Easter in Italy”

  1. Thanks for this Luca!!!! Really fascinating to hear all the various regional traditions and the history that goes with it. As a (very) lapsed Catholic, some were familiar…others less so!!!! Hope you and your friends and family all have a wonderful Easter!!

  2. Another interesting podcast , Luca. Always a pleasure to listen to you imparting your knowledge of Italian culture,history and food. Looking forward to you picking up the threads after Easter. Buona Pasqua!

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