tagliatelle al ragù

Eat like an Italian!

They key to benefitting from an Italian diet is to learn to eat Italian food like an Italian. This post explores the structure of a real Italian menu and well as looking at how Italians eat at home.

Salsa tartufata: truffle sauce (recipe)

  It’s black summer truffle season here in the Tuscan Valtiberina and these alternative fruits of the forest are everywhere. Less pungent than in some other areas of Italy they are often served grated over pasta or grilled meat in abundance. There’s one restaurant in the village where the set menu looks like its own …

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Crostini agli asparagi: asparagus toasts (recipe)

This recipe is from Tuscany. Crostini are an important part of Tuscan cuisine and feature as the antipasto on high days and holidays. They consist of small pieces of lightly toasted bread topped with a variety of ingredients. Last summer I did a post about the traditional toppings which you can read here, however you …

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