Pick me up in Treviso

  Located only 27km as the crow flies from Venice, Treviso has always lived in the shadow of the campanile of San Marco. For most of its life, that was a good thing. Its proximity to the capital of the great Venetian Republic meant that the government ringed it with a great defensive wall and …

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Risotto alla Trevisana: Risotto with radicchio (recipe)

This recipe is from Veneto. This recipe complements my previous post on Radicchio tardivo di Treviso. It’s a very common way of cooking it in Italy. The risotto takes on a lovely pinkish red colour thanks to the radicchio leaves and the gorgonzola adds a little depth of creamy flavour at the end.

A quick guide to Italian rice

Know your baldo from your arborio? What’s the difference between roma and vialone nano? And which rice is best for risotto? Find out with this quick guide to the top Italian rice varieties. Until relatively recently, people in the northern regions of Italy didn’t really eat pasta. After the introduction of the maize plant to …

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All about truffles: white truffle risotto

As you may have seen from this week’s video, on Saturday I attended the annual white truffle festival in Citt√† di Castello, the area around which is renowned for the quality of its truffles. A facebook friend of mine recently asked me ‘Why are mouldy old lumps scrabbled from the autumn ground the source of …

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