tagliatelle al ragù

Eat like an Italian!

They key to benefitting from an Italian diet is to learn to eat Italian food like an Italian. This post explores the structure of a real Italian menu and well as looking at how Italians eat at home.



Friggitelli al forno is a typically Italian side dish using seasonal vegetables good enough to eat on their own. Try this easy to follow recipe which makes a great accompaniment to a summer barbecue.

carpaccio di zucchine

Carpaccio di zucchine: a vegan no-cook recipe

Until the 1960s, Carpaccio was a Venetian painter whose renaissance canvases are valued as a record of what the city looked like during his lifetime. Today, historians pore over his works extracting knowledge of the minutiae of sixteenth-century Venetian dress and architecture contained in them, including a detailed rendition of the old wooden Rialto bridge. …

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Crostini agli asparagi: asparagus toasts (recipe)

This recipe is from Tuscany. Crostini are an important part of Tuscan cuisine and feature as the antipasto on high days and holidays. They consist of small pieces of lightly toasted bread topped with a variety of ingredients. Last summer I did a post about the traditional toppings which you can read here, however you …

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