Podcast Episode 18: Italian American food and culture: interview with Chef Amy Riolo

In this episode I talk about the differences between Italian American food and culture and Italian Italian with my great friend Chef Amy Riolo.

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Show notes

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The episode includes:

  • The Italian American community
  • Population of Italian Americans vs. Italians in Italy
  • Chef Amy Riolo
  • The origins of Italians in USA
  • Five categories of Italian American food
  • Italian american language
  • Italian dialects
  • Chicken Piccata
  • Chicken Parm


Amy Riolo’s website.

Internal link

4 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 18: Italian American food and culture: interview with Chef Amy Riolo”

  1. I get the impression that Italian American cuisine is in the main influenced by Sicilian and Southern Italian cooking, Perhaps, because the majority of Italian immigrants in the late 19/early 20 th centuries came from those areas( mainly Sicily, I think) would that be a fair assumption?

  2. Another interesting podcast Luca!! Fascinating to listen to Amy’s descriptions of Italian American food and the history of how it evolved….Thank you!

  3. Such an interesting interview. The Italian food experience in Canada isn’t too far off that described by Amy Niolo, except that it is somewhat more recent – especially after WW2 and until the 1970s. My Montreal Italian friends would suggest that the food they cook and the restaurants where they dine would be more “authentically” Italian than what is eaten served in the USA. Yet the origins of both communities are mainly from the same regions Amy described – Calabria, Campania and Sicily. Canada being more of a “patchwork quilt” society v the “melting pot” of America, all the Italians I know would have spoken Italian at home. I was always very envious of my high school friends since they nearly always chose Italian as an extra language option (we all had to study French & English) and they inevitably got an easy “A”.

  4. Amy Riolo was fascinating to listen to as she described the Italian experience culturally and gastronomically in the United States. Another great addition to this collection of podcasts, so very informative and interesting. Thank you Luca and Amy!

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