In My Tuscan Kitchen, March 2015

Pecorino al tartufo
Pecorino al tartufo


There’s nothing more interesting than having a nose around someone else’s kitchen, and since 2010 my fellow blogger Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial has been allowing you to do just that through a feature called In My Kitchen. 

I joined in the fun a couple of times on my previous blog and am now up and running and willing to show the contents of my Italian cupboards with all of you out there. So here goes.

First up, I have a lovely block of pecorino cheese flavoured with truffles, one of the most important local products as you will know if you read the About page. This is the first appearance of the truffle on this site and there will be many more to come. I am not sure if this cheese will end up in a recipe or if it’s just to good to not enjoy as is. We will see.

Cheesboard with glass cloche.


Next, there’s this cheeseboard with glass cloche, which I bought in a famous Swedish chain shop. You know where I mean. Far from putting the pecorino under it, I am going to use it to present cakes and pastries as it’s very fashionable to do so in France (where, as some of you will know, I used to live).

Fleur de sel.
Fleur de sel.


Talking of France, here is an import: fleur de sel. It’s one of the most amazing salts I’ve ever used but quite difficult to find locally in Italy, so here’s a freshly imported box from over the border.

Farro (spelt)

Farro or spelt, has been a Tuscan favourite since Roman times. When cooked it has a nutty flavour with a curious popping texture when bitten. Served cold it makes the perfect basis for a salad with cucumber, tomato, and other vegetables. I love it with (I know it’s not very Italian) feta cheese.

Star AniseAnd finally some Star Anise, which I’ve bought for the basis of a liqueur project I’m making as part of a special pâtisserie request coming in the next few weeks.

So that’s what’s In My Tuscan Kitchen this month. Check in next month for more and watch out for the items in upcoming posts. And why not join in the fun over at Celia’s.




10 thoughts on “In My Tuscan Kitchen, March 2015”

    1. Luca Marchiori

      Thanks! Me too. I think you are right since the truffle is already mixed with the cheese and as they say when cooking with it: Truffle is King. I may make some lovely ficatolle to eat with it though.

  1. Hello, Luca! What a pleasure to ‘meet’ you through Celia’s IMK posts… aren’t they a delight — and an education? Your Pecornio al tartufo photo stopped me in my tracks… totally enjoyed your subsequent thoughts, too! Have fun incorporating your fleur de sel into your food… good salt (as well as good cheese) makes such a difference. 🙂

    1. Luca Marchiori

      Hi Kim, lovely to meet you too. I am so happy to be part of the In My Kitchen community and it’s wonderful to see what people are up to all around the world. I tried the pecorino last night and it was amazing. The truffles were the perfect complement to the peppery cheese. I thought I found ‘fleur de sel’ in Italy the other day as there was something called ‘fiore di sale’ (same thing). I was so disappointed to discover that it was just see salt. Still, searching for it gives me a nice excuse to shop around. Good luck in the new home!

  2. Love that glass cloche, how gorgeous and from the Swedish chain, must have been a great deal too! Will look great over cake, cookies or cheese!
    Kavey (first time IMKer this month)

    1. Luca Marchiori

      It was a very good deal indeed. Less than €10! Welcome to IMK. I’m a second time first timer as I used to post from my old blog. Nice to meet you!

    1. It was all round VERY good value. There is a great tradition of making liqueurs by steeping various ingredients in alcohol and then adding a sugar syrup, like limoncello. I’m making another kind for a recipe and will post the recipe soon. It takes about a month to make so stay tuned.

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