Podcast Episode 12: Pizza Romana

In this episode I talk about the pizza romana, the not so famous but more influential cousin to the Neapolitan version, and its long history.

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Show notes

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The episode includes:

  • The difference between the pizza romana and the pizza napoletana
  • The etymology of the word pizza
  • Pizza mentioned in Virgil’s Aeneid
  • Ancient Roman flatbread
  • The different names for Italian flatbread
  • Pizza bianca and pizza rossa
  • The development of pizza romana
  • Pizza in a Roman forno
  • Pizza al taglio
  • The modern pizza romana


How Aeneas invented pizza.

My article about Roman pizza for Devour Tours.

Pizza romana and pizza napoletana at one of my favourite restaurants.

Roman jewish cuisine featuring the pizza ebraica.

Pizzeria Da Remo.

What is pinsa?

2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 12: Pizza Romana”

  1. Thanks for another fascinating post Luca!!! Before living in Italy, I had absolutely no idea that ‘white pizza’ even existed….and, though I am not a frequent pizza eater, it is my favourite type……Making pizza dough at home and enjoying it with friends is something I look forward to doing again when all the restrictions are over……it’s just not the same having a solitary ‘take-away’!

  2. Another great podcast, entertaining and informative as usual. I love how you combine your knowledge and love of History and Italian cuisine to give depth to our understanding of these iconic Italian food. My mother used to make the most delicious pizzas and they were in the Neapolitan style, which would be right as she came from the area to the south of Rome.Thank you for these Luca, and keep them coming!

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