Podcast Episode 8: Roman Street Food 1, supplì: guest Arcangelo Dandini, chef and restaurateur

In this episode I talk about the supplì, the most popular Roman street food, with Arcangelo Dandini one of the most famous names connected with it.

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Show notes

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The episode includes:

  • Roman street food and the supplì.
  • What the supplì is.
  • It’s Napoleonic origins.
  • The etymology and development of the name.
  • How it developed.
  • Its connection with writer James Joyce.
  • Its 20th Century decline and 21st Century Renaissance.
  • Interview with Arcangelo Dandini one of the most important figures in Roman street food today.


Supplizio, Arcangelo Dandini’s ‘friggitoria’.

My review of Supplizio.

L’Arcangelo, Arcangelo Dandini’s restaurant.

Arcangelo Dandini on Instagram.

How to make a supplì with Arcangelo Dandini, video in Italian.

Supplì recipe from Great Italian Chefs.

My supplì board on Pinterest.

Ettore Roesler Franz watercolours of 19th Century Rome.

My article on Roman Street Food for Devour Tours.

2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 8: Roman Street Food 1, supplì: guest Arcangelo Dandini, chef and restaurateur”

  1. Another really interesting discussion Luca!!!! I’m afraid, I am not a great lover of ‘suppli’ or ‘arancini’ or any of the other names that are out there. Maybe I have been unlucky, but the ones I have tried in the past would have been more use as missiles than street food!!!!! I will make a point of trying one in Rome next time I am there……Lucy

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