Podcast Episode 6: Tiramisù

In this episode, I talk about the the most famous Italian dessert, the tiramisù and how disagreements over its origins have sparked a recent war of words.

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Show notes

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The episode includes:

  • How tiramisù is the most famous Italian dessert in the world.
  • How tiramisù is one of the most recognised words in the Italian language.
  • How many languages have assimilated the word tiramisù
  • The basic ingredients of the dessert
  • The meaning of the name
  • Why it’s so popular
  • The dessert’s origin story
  • Alternative origin stories for tiramisù
  • The recent controversies over tiramisù’s origin
  • The recent research into tiramisù’s origins


My recipe for classic tiramisù.

My alternative recipe for tiramisù.

Sophia Loren makes tiramisu with David Letterman.

Lavazza coffee advert from the 1980s including the strapline ‘il più che lo mandi giù il più ti tira sù!’

Italian TV report about the ‘war of the tiramisù’.

Carminantonio Iannaccone’s tiramisu recipe from the Washington Post.

Roberto ‘Loly’ Linguanotto

5 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 6: Tiramisù”

  1. Another fascinating podcast!!! Thanks Luca – I’m really enjoying learning all about the history behind the recipes!!! Thank you.

  2. Roberto Fabiani

    Another smashing addition to your series of podcasts on Italian cuisine. Fascinating and entertaining as always, lots of interesting history and back story to this favourite dessert which in now ubiquitous across the world. Only the Italians could get into an argument over the origins of a dessert! Thank you for these podcasts,I look forward to them each week! Bravo Luca! 👍

  3. Ciao Luca
    Complimenti! I’m publishing a post on Tiramisu’ for World Tiramisu Day tomorrow and I am going to add a link to your podcast at the end, for anyone who wants to hear more! Ciao, Cristina

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