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I’m currently planning a new project in which I’d like to invite you to ask me questions about any aspect of Italy or Italian food. These can range from history and traditions, to daily life, to how to make an authentic tiramisù and beyond. The sky is really the limit so get thinking.

Write your questions in the comments below. I will give more details about how I plan to answer them later. And there will be a special treat for the question I deem to be the best or most interesting.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

4 thoughts on “Ask Luca! Get involved”

  1. Luca, I was amazed at all the different versions of Mantecado we ate up and down the Adriatic. If fact, I had it at almost every meal. Would you care to tell us the history and recipes?

  2. Filomena Lamonato

    Ciao Luca , my parents came from Abruzzo and I remember my mother making pasta fagioli with cotechini. Not the veneto cotechini, excuse my spelling ,it was cooked pigs rind/skin then cut into little slices and mixed with the pasta e fagioli . I remember this was cooked in the winter and after the sausage season.
    I would love to make it and keep the tradition alive. Can you help.

    1. I think what you remembered was ‘cotenna’ or ‘cotica’ (pork rind) which is a feature of pasta e fagioli in the Veneto too. If you can’t find it you can use thick cut pancetta instead. I hope that helps!

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