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A couple of weeks ago this blog celebrated its first birthday and I’d like to start off by thanking you, my readers for all your shares, likes, and comments which have gone to make the first year a real success. What started off as a blog about Tuscany has grown to include information and recipes from all over Italy as I aim to bring you what constitutes real Italian food.

As I say in the introduction to this blog, real Italian food is both seasonal and regional, so I’ve decided to start labelling all the recipes with the icons above, to show you which region they come from. To represent each one, I’ve chosen an iconic building or work of art. So far, I’ve got Puglia (a typical trullo house), Tuscany (Michelangelo’s David in Florence) and Veneto (the campanile of San Marco in Venice). I will be adding more as I travel round the country over the coming months.

I’ve also started writing some quick guides to the regions which you can access by clicking on the icons, as well as a list of the recipes from featured on this blog.

So thank you once again for all your support: a blog is nothing without its readers. Β And here’s to the next year!



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